Look in the mirror (blick in den spiegel)

The dance piece "Blick in den Spiegel" displays the human contact with nature and our planet earth. In the choreography, the elements water, fire, wood, metal and air were replicated in dance figures and were creatively portrayed. One dancer embodies the human being with all her facets, and thereby discovered her own extreme super power over nature while growing up. She has the ability to decide in what way to treat the earth and develop strategies to make it her habitat on the long run. 

However, destroying the planet means she takes away the basis of her life. The decision is hers, how does she decide? 


The dance piece combines various elements from Qi Gong with Modern, Afro Dance together with the random principle of John Cage and Merce Cunningham. We apply our different experiences and backgrounds and hence play a decisive role in shaping the dance. Each performer has dealt with the quality of her element and brings it into the dance piece.