We are dancers and actors and here we introduce ourselves: 

Barbara habermann

Barbara Habermann likes to dance for her life, so she began at age 4 in a children's dance group in Bonn. She is most enthusiastic about modern dance and improvisation, as it incorporate different dance styles and promote individuality and creativity. From 2012 - 2015 she completed her training as a dance teacher at the Lola Rogge School in Hamburg. Meanwhile, she participated in dance projects, such as children's dance performances, "The Armed Man" in a church in Hamburg or at the Latin American Cultural Festival Hamburg. In her final choreography, she focused on human consumption behavior and its impact on people and the environment. During the dance training, a friendship developed with classmates, which continues today and from the beginning of 2018, the Hilero Dance Company arose. Her motivation to be a member of the dance company is to express the bond with nature in dance.


Gesa Pagelsen started her dancing career at the „school of dance and movement“ (Schule für Tanz und Bewegung) in Hamburg Schnelsen at the age of three. She later specialized in Jazz Dance. Immediately after attaining a teaching degree at the Leuphana University, she decided to join the „Lola Rogge Dance School“ located in Hamburg. Prior to her professional education, she took dancing mainly as a hobby and enjoys every movement that comes with it. The continuous love and passion for dancing made her see dancing as a means of self-expression and an avenue for sending across positive messages to viewers or onlookers.

In addition, she discovered her passion for acting and became a member of the intercultural womens theater „Fremd doch Nah e.V.“ Aside being a great dancer and actress, teaching and impacting knowledge continues to be her daily primary duty as she is currently working at a primary school in the city of Hamburg, where she teaches third grade. Early 2018, she became a member of the Hilero Dance Company, collaborating with other Hilero Dancers to send strong positive messages with dancing. She is particularly interested in the state, conditions and feelings of her environment as well as society at large and in putting dance, as the basis of communication, in a new context and way.  


Ashanti Yina Perez is a trained dance teacher and dance artist with a focus on Modern, Afro Dance, Jazz Dance, Latin Dance, Improvisation and creative children's dance. She practices Qi Gong and dedicates herself to this philosophy of dance. 


Born in 1982 as the daughter of a singer in the small town of Tumaco in Colombia, she made her first dance experiences with the dance group Arts and Culture Foundation Pacific (Fundartecp). After her dance studies in Modern Dance, she danced with the "Diokaju kalmamo group" and performed with them in several places in Colombia. She was also a member of Patricia Ariza's ensemble, one of the most important theatre directors for dance theatre in Bogota. Ariza shaped Ashanti's dance theatre as well as life and continues to inspire her up till today. In 2012 she completed her training as a dance teacher in Hamburg and developed her own productions in parallel: Kuai Mare - Group Awate (Choreography), Out of Line - Gamissa Dance (direction, music, technique). 

Milena pieper

Milena Pieper born in Hamburg, is a trained actress and dance & movement teacher. Works as a creative children's dance & theatre pedagogue, fire artist and singer.

Already as a child she loved to dance, to dress up and to slip into different roles. When she was four years old, she began singing song lyrics for and with her father and whirled happily around in his music rehearsals. At the age of six she began with children's dance lessons, jazz dance and took piano lessons at the same time. Later she started Hip Hop, oriental dance and singing at the Jugendmusikschule Hamburg.

After Milena sang in a gospel choir in San Francisco at the age of eighteen, attended a jazz dance course and studied various arts, she felt called to practice this professionally. She went to Bochum to Theater Total and discovered dance theatre. At a dress rehearsal in Wuppertal of Pina Bausch's incensing "Frühlingsopfer" she felt attracted to it from the first second on. 

She pursued the path as an actress and completed an education as a stage actress and later as a dance pedagogue.

Pina Bausch and Anna Halprin are a great inspiration for her.

Her acting expression was strongly influenced by Cornelia Schirmer, Michael Bogdanov, Andreas Kriegenburg, Ramin Yazdani, Frank Patrick Steckel and Renate Bleibtreu.      

She was moved by Stacey Denham, Pilar Buira Ferre, Alphea Pouget, Christiane Meyer-Rogge-Turner and Isabelle Schad. Through her collaboration she became part of productions at Thalia Theater, Winterhuder Fährhaus, Laeiszhalle, Theater Labor and Kampnagel.

Lara schiffel

After graduation and a voluntary social year in Mozambique Lara completed training at the Stage School, Lola Rogge School and the German POP Academy Hamburg in the fields of musical, dance and journalism. Since then she has worked as a choreographer, presenter and actress in and around Hamburg. In the intercultural theater group "Fremd doch nah" ('strange yet close') she not only took charge of the choreography, but also played a role herself. In 2016 she danced as an elf in the summer night dream of Shakespeare at the open-air theater in Seelbach and then in the children's theater "Theater am Tremser Teich" in Lübeck as a fairy in the winter fairytale Sterntaler.

Because of her desire to explore she is still traveling a lot, even if her residence has recently been in Landsberg am Lech (Bavaria). Particularly in working with theater groups, Lara regularly succeeds in improving the stage presence and impact of the actors. These skills are passed on in seminars to all people who want to improve their appearance.

Diana patricia escobar

Diana Patricia Escobar Portocarrero, born and raised in Colombia, has lived in Hamburg since 2002 and was already enthusiastic about dance and movement as a child. In her home country, she was involved in salsa and Colombian folklore at the Instituto Popular de Cultura in Cali. As an actress, she was also part of the theater company "El Globo".


In 2008 she successfully completed her dance studies as a contemporary stage dancer at the CDSH (Contemporary Dance School Hamburg) and received further training at the Lola Rogge School Hamburg as a teacher for dance and dance gymnastics. Then she became a learning development companion at the IBL (Institute for Movement and Learning Development in Hamburg.