We design dance performances about actual global topics

We are the Hilero Dance Company, a dance company with the main aim of drawing attention and sending out positive messages relating to current global issues using dance performances as the tool or weapon. We are made up of five creative dancers and actresses from different cities with different cultural background.


After studying dance pedagogy in Hamburg, we moved to different cities, but still felt the urge to dance together as a unit. This propelled the idea of starting a small dance company, which became a reality in the winter of 2017. From then henceforth, we started having weekly meetings on Skype and meet physically every few months at one of our residences to continue working on the performance "Spiegel im Spiegel". It is our aim to creating and developing more performances after this project, which deal with other social topics and show a unique connection between nature and dance. This stimulates the use of the sense of community and dancing as the origin of communication in a new context.